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Father's Day | Pretty Bunting for Lockdown

Yet another celebration that is going to be within lockdown is Father's Day, Sunday 21st June. As it stands today, as I write this, it looks like a few social places such as bars and hotels might be opening in July, which is a great positive step forward. But, even if we are still in lockdown, there is no reason why you can't decorate your house and your cake with lots of bunting for your dad! Or for those home schooling parents (as it stands not all schools will be back after half term), this is another great art lesson!

So today, we've got a couple of printable for you to make some bunting for your dad. It's just a bit of fun and really easy to do. In fact if you watched our tutorial on making VE Day 75 paper bunting, this is the same method, but just different shapes. You can print as many as you like and then colour them in. There is a blank one too if you want to be creative and make your own message or design your own pattern.

If you need a refresher of our tutorial the here it is...

Here are your printables, either pdf to download, or as an image:

Fathers Day Printables
Download PDF • 72KB

Free Printable Fathers Day Tie from Emma Bunting
Free Printable Fathers Day Tie from Emma Bunting

Quick How to Instructions: 5 easy steps

1. Once you've finished colouring and decorating all of your ties, cut along the outside lines.

2. Cut your length of twine or threads (that you are using for the string to hang the bunting together)

3. Take your glue gun (ask and adult to help you) and glue along the top rectangular part of the tie.

4. Fold each rectangle over the twine or thread and hold in place until the glue has dried.

5. Repeat this until all your ties are on the "line"

For those of you who would prefer to bake a cake, then you can add bunting to the top of the cake. You could actually follow the same tutorial for our cake bunting, but just make the shapes much smaller! OR you could buy some of our pre-made fabric bunting, which is available online in our shop.......

A Big Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads and step-dads!

Emma x


Did you know that it was President Johnson, in 1966, who issued the first proclamation that father's would be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June, and it was written into law as a national holiday in 1972 (although always falls on a Sunday, so not much of a holiday!). But it was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington at a service at the YMCA in 1910. Sonora Dodd wanted to honour her father, a Civil War veteran and a single parent, who raised her and her five siblings after his wife died in child birth. I can't actually remember when Father's Day hit our shores, but no doubt it was sometime soon after it became popular in the USA!

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