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Face Masks


"The Masquerades"

Our cotton face masks are of a simple design with two sides of cotton and a fuseable light weight lining. There is one adult size that "fits all" with elastic ends to go around the ears. They are approx 20cm wide by 6 cm tall when folded, when the two pleats are unfolded, they cover the nose and the chin. 

CHILDREN: we have designed a smaller mask at 16cm wide x 6cm tall.  We will offer this as an option when ordering, and slight discount on the price. We are more than happy to make a child mask from our current online fabric selection, or if you want something specific, then please drop us an email to discuss Please note that we think this is for young children aged 8 and under. It is important you measure your own child's masks as we cannot offer refunds or accept returns with these items.

We are continuously adding to the fabric colours, so we cannot guarantee all these colours will be available all of the time. Each face mask is £5.25 plus P&P, however there is a supplement for any designs that involve patchwork, such as the Manchester and Leeds United designs.


We accept payments via credit card or PayPal via our online shop. 

They are machine washable, but as they are a natural product they may shrink slightly on first washing. We supply a muslin laundry bag so that the elastic doesn't get caught up with the rest of the laundry, so fold the mask into three, pop into the muslin bag and wash with the rest of your laundry. Press with a hot steam iron once dry and your good to use it again.

We must stress that these are not medical products so do not give 100% protection against viruses. They are a handmade product, made in Hertfordshire.

Watch our 3 minute video that shows you how to put on, take off and how to launder our cotton face mask.

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