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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the best way to hang bunting?

We love hanging the bunting so that it looks like it floats in the air. Zig-Zag across a room if possible rather than getting a straight across look, which should be kept for swimming galas.... In tipis, looped around the edges is good, but keep away from any fire pit. Marquees can have lots of different styles and as most of the tents are white, the bunting can hang around the edges. If you want it hanging from the ceiling to the sides, you must hang it as the marquee is erected. We can always help you with a design, so just ask.

2. How much bunting do we need?

Draw a rough sketch of the room and check for fixing points. Measure out all the sides and diagonals and add a 10% for the drop. We can help you with this. In our experience it's always good just to have a little more, just in case.

3. Can we hang the bunting outside?

The bunting with cotton bias binding is designed for indoor use, or outdoors subject to dry and non-windy conditions.  If it is going to hang off trees or anything rusty or that will leave a stain on the bias or fabric, you must hang it using fishing wire or twine. Mould from trees and things like rust do not wash off, this would affect the quality of our bunting so we would charge you for any damage. If in doubt, please ask us. Please note, that if you have bought bunting from us and leave it outside permanently the colours will eventually fade.

4. What do we do if the bunting gets wet?

It is essential that you make sure the bunting is dry before you fold it away. Our bunting is designed to last years, but it must be looked after in the correct manner. Once it's dry, it can be folded and stored in a cotton bag.

5. Can I wash my bunting?

In theory, yes, the majority of our bunting is cotton. However, we recommend hand washing as it tangles so much in a washing machine it can actually get damaged if caught on something. Once dry, steam press with a hot iron. Please note, if you have any heat-press logos on the bunting, you must not touch these with a hot iron, instead put a piece of parchment paper between the logo and the iron and press. Under no circumstances should our hire bunting be washed before being returned.

6. Do you offer plastic bunting?

No, this is something we don't offer. We hope one day that plastic bunting will be banned from sale as it just ends up in landfill and is not recyclable.

7. Do you offer PVC or PolyKnit bunting?

We can supply a PolyKnit bunting that is perfect for bunting that needs to be outdoor for long periods of time. It can be a cost effective way of creating bunting for large scale orders. We  do not offer any PVC options.

8. Do you offer paper or card bunting?

Yes, please get in touch about your requirements

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