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How to add personalisation to your wedding decorations without breaking the bank.

I know how tricky it is to try and keep a wedding within budget. I'm in the middle of organising my own wedding and as an industry insider I know exactly what is involved, which suppliers I wanted to work with and knew what I wanted to spend. In reality, sticking to that budget has been more difficult than I thought. Costs accrue incredibly easily and before you know it, your budget has been left somewhere in 2018! If Brides Magazine is correct, the average cost of a UK wedding is now £30,111 (including the honeymoon).

But how do you add personalisation without smashing your budget?

For me, it has been important for us to have a wedding that oozes with our personality, it's our wedding after all. Our families are incredibly supportive and they are all happy for us to do whatever we want, which makes everything easier. Each detail has been thought through, everything from me individually hand-painting our invites, to creating unique individual place settings. I can feel myself rolling my eyes at that comment, are 'unique individual place settings' really necessary?! Possibly not, but at the end of the day, we just want to walk into our wedding room and see something beautiful and we want our guests to feel like they too are special.

Silver cotton and sequin mini place name bunting with silver butchers twine
Personalised place name bunting

We are hoping to work with Duchess & Butler who offer stunning glasses and charger plates, on which we will hand tie all our napkins with mini bunting place names. [I think all my family would be disappointed if there wasn't at least some bunting at my wedding!] So here is a sneak peak at what our team will be making. I love silver, so this sparkly butchers twine is perfect for the grey cotton hand-stamped flags and the end sequin fabric. It will match the silver sequin bunting we are hanging up at our venue.

So, this individual personalised bunting is going to be both the place name and the favour. Something each one of our guests can take home with them and use again and again.

We are also creating Mr & Mrs bunting to sit on top of our semi-naked cake being created by the lovely Karen at Cakes by Kit.

Even if your venue doesn't enable you to have bunting at the wedding, you can always personalise your cake with bunting. It's only £7.95 for one string and £15.00 for two strings, and after the day, you could always frame it with a photo in a memory box or fix it to your wedding album. I think it's always nice to have something physical from the wedding, more than photos, as it's a much lovelier way to remember the day especially once all the flowers have passed their best and all the cake eaten.

We have created hundreds of cake buntings, and here are just a few of our favourites, brought to life by some super photographers.

We have lots more photos for you to view via our FLICKR photo album in all sorts of colours and finishes using cotton, hessian, lace and sequins. The only thing we do need to be wary of is using a fabric that is light enough for the ink to show. Cotton really is the only fabric to use, as the results are much better.

To order one of our wedding cake toppers, please order via our shop. If you wish to order place names, message us directly so that we can give you a discounted rate. Any questions please just call us!


Photo Credits from slide show:

1. Mr & Mrs Seymour - peach, pink and ivory - Nice Lady Productions

2. Mr & Mrs - coral and white - by Katy Melling Photography

3. Mr & Mrs - peach, mint and grey with wooden sticks - by Idene Roozbayani Photography

4. Mr & Mrs Parr - hessian and cotton - unknown photographer

5. Mr & Mrs Daring - peach and pink - unknown photographer

6. Mr & Mrs McDonald - rose pinks - Life on Cartoon Motion

7. Mr & Mrs - hessian and lace - unknown photographer

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