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This is such a cute way of decorating a cake - it's seven double sided cotton mini flags that sit on top of a cake fixed to butters twine. The bunting will come in it's own voile bag, so you can use it year after year. We include the paper straws for you, which look so pretty. 

We have a tip for using the straws... use wooden kebab sticks and push them into the cake, slide the straws over the kebab sticks. This way the straws don't get soft at the bottom where they touch the cake and also the straws will stand straighter! We don't supply the wooden kebab sticks, but you can buy them in any supermarket. Worst case senario you could always used dried spaghetti, it works just as well!

We can always personalise this for you, please just ask.

The bunting will be pretty much the same as in the photo - but not exactly the same as each one is made by hand so there are always slight differences.

The final photo is a photo of the fabric we used to create this bunting, if you want to purchase more of it, please ask us or check our our other listings.

Emma xx

Pretty pastel cake bunting

  • These cotton cake toppers should be surface wiped only.

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