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CHRISTMAS dog bow ties!


No, it's not a Dog Face Mask! It's a Christmas Bow Tie!


We have never been a family that dresses our dogs up, except for special occassions, and of course the Christmas season counts as a "special occassion" - well, we think so!


I've designed a bow tie using Christmas fabrics (although you can have any colour you like...) in two sizes. A regular or a large. The larger one for either a hooman or a larger dog....


They are stitched with elastic to go over the dog collar, so should fit all standard dog collars. They are all cotton, so could be washed, but I'd recommend they go in a laundry bag within the washing machine so the elastics don't get caught up with the other clothing. 




Regular: 10cm wide x 7cm tall


Large: 12.5cm wide x 9cm tall



ps. I've added a drop down menu for colours in case you would like to order a bespoke one with your own colour theme....


You'll see the final photo is of our drawstring bags, designed to be gift bags (which also acts as a great treat bag) - they can be ordered through this link - DRAWSTRING GIFT BAGS

Christmas Dog Bow Tie

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