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Welcome to Emma Bunting!

We've been designing elegant and stylish bunting since 2004 and think EVERY occasion is worth getting the bunting out for! We specialise in designing and creating cotton bunting, made to last year after year, all produced in Britain. We champion using sustainable cotton and encourage the use or reuse or up-cycling of all fabrics. We can provide hand-finished, machine embroidered, heat-pressed vinyl or machine printed bunting. 


We can offer you either a bespoke or hire option for any event or party.  


Each bespoke job is a one off, our in-house design team can create your own bespoke bunting for weddings, parties, corporate events or for TV & Film props, most notably in Yesterday and Paddington2 movies and featured 5th Nov 2019 in the BBC Holby City's 1000th episode and several times on BBC DIYSOS The Big Build. There is no minimum or maximum order and there are no rules as to what we can or can't create, if we can draw it, we can create it!


Bunting Hire

We have over 2500 metres of bunting (designed for indoor use) in over thirty different colour schemes so there is something for everyone.


If you can't see the colours you want, let us know. We're always up for making a new range - and we'll name it after you!

We can dispatch our bunting to any mainland UK address. 



We understand that 

sometimes you need something designed to decorate a specific party or event, that isn't a problem. We can working with any fabric (except plastic) and have it printed, if required. 

There is no minimum order, and each request is priced depending on amount required and complexity of the work. 


Our signature design is this hand-stitched lettering on cotton, as our children's bunting is uniquely designed, we can use any colour 

combination and fabric can be chosen. We can add cute appliqué shapes and designs to the flags.

We also offer mini cake bunting and personalised gift boxes.

personalised bunting for girls hand stit


We love working with brands to develop bunting for an event, or for part of a photo shoot or filming. Talk to us about your requirements so we can discuss how we can help you.


Our Story

Back in 2004, our founder Emma created bunting for her then four year old daughter Charlotte. Nothing Emma found online was suitable, there weren't any companies offering a bespoke option. So, she set to work making it herself.  The simple beginnings of "Emma Bunting". We have come a long way since those early days, and have worked with everything from mini cake bunting up to producing miles of bunting to pave the way for the reburial of King Richard III in Leicester.

We have produced bunting for various TV shows such as BBC DIYSOS The Big Build and Made in Chelsea, as well as various movies, including Paddington 2, Yesterday and The Kid Who Would Be King. We have designed and created corporate bunting for Royalty and companies such as Warner Bros, Innocent Drinks, Mothercare, English Heritage, BMW, and Oxfam to name just a few, being distributed across Europe and Asia.

Emma Bunting at MC Motors Castle Gibson
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