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UNION JACK 100% Cotton Bunting


We are delighted to share for sale our iconic Union Jack flags as bunting. For years we've been frustrated seeing Union Jack bunting for sale with the incorrect flag printed. Usually it's just a red diagonal cross at the back of the design, when actually it should be offset. So, we decided to just print our own! We have used a lovely medium weight cotton and printed the designs ourselves.


Each one is approx 18cm wide X 21cm long. There are 8cm gaps between the flags. They are double sided cotton flags, so the design is the same on the front as on the back. The bias binding is white polyester so should fair well outdoors as it's water resistant. Each length is three metres and will have 9 flags. You can hang these inside or outside, although if you do hang it outside for a long period of time, the colours will start to fade.


If you are organising an event or party, these can be hired out though our HIRE packages. Please see for more details of how to book.


We can take bespoke orders of our Union Jack bunting, please just email us with your request. Our graphics team can print and colour or design if you are looking for something just a bit different.




They are 100% cotton and printed and made in Britain. By buying from British manufactures and craftspeople, you are supporting lots of small to medium businesses, so thank you!

Union Jack 100% Cotton Bunting - 3 metres

  • They can be machine washed, but all bunting is difficult to untangle and hot press iron afterwards, so we just suggest surface wiping. Please make sure they are completly DRY before folding away again.

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