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For a very long time we have tried to find really lovely dog bandanas, something with style and a decent fabric. There are loads on the market, and some of them incredibly cheap, but the fabric is awful. It just doesn't last. We wanted something lovely for our own dogs so I decided to just make our own design!


These are designed from our recycled denim jean collection, so not all bandans will look the same. However, this stars one will always have three raw-edged stars, backed by red and white fabric. 


We have a Springer Spaniel and a Fox Red Labrador, so I know what it's like to be a dog owner.... These are made for pretty ocassions, otherwise they'll be in the washing machine (at 30C) everyday, however, why shouldn't your dog get dressed up when you do?!


The sizing:

This slips onto a normal collar and the gap is approx 4.5cm. The length to the tip is approx 14.5cm and width is approx 20cm. We are in the process of making smaller and larger ones! If you wish to order something bespoke, then just email us direclty to



Recycled Denim Dog Bandana

  • These are made out of 100% cotton and are washable at 30C - once dry use a hot iron to press. 

  • We offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses upto the value of £50. Orders above £50 and to any other worldwide address are fixed at £4.95.

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