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As part of our new vintage denim design range, we've created this very cute banner for that very important person, the Tooth Fairy. Now, I'm hoping there is no-one reading this who is young enough to still use one of these tooth fairy banners, but it's design comes from something that happened in my own childhood.


We never actually had any tooth fairy banners or pillows. The "tooth fairy" aka my mum, used to put her hand under the pillow and try and find the tooth before we woke up in the morning. I still distinctly remember how I found out that the tooth fairy wasn't real as one morning, after waking up and finding my 20p under the pillow [I'm sure it's probably more like a £1 now] I ran downstairs to show my parents. There on the kitchen floor was my tooth. I was so shocked and also sad that the tooth fairy hadn't taken it with her. My mother, who sadly wasn't blessed with the kindest of hearts, just laughed at me and said "oh dear, it must have fallen out of my apron pocket!" I was absolutely mortified. That moment in time is imprinted on my memory forever more!


So, when I thought about the design of this banner,  I wanted something that would (1) keep the tooth safe, (2) be of easy acess for the tooth fairy, and of course (3) look cute. So this banner has tapes to tie to a bed or even to a cuddly toy, and a little drawstring bag for keeping the tooth VERY safe. 

This is a patchwork of denim jeans, which will be good quality denim from anything from LEVI to Lee. We're trying to use the pockets for the front and the legs for the back. Each one will be different so it will be hard to say exactly what yours will look like, however, the layout of the wording and the hand-stitched tooth will be the same. We could actually have turquoise blue or cerise pink sequin lettering if you wanted. All the sequin and cotton fabrics are being used from waste parts of our bunting making.

This is a brand new product (Feb 2020) so we will keep adding photos as we create more. Please note that these are made from recycled fabrics so no two are the same. We cannot guarantee they will look the same as the photograph.


The measurements are: 22cm wide X 25cm long (8.6inches X 9.8inches)

If you would like your own name instead of "fairy" then just add it to the custom text below, we can work with you to create something unique.

The price includes P&P to UK addresses, non-UK addresses are as standard rates.

Any questions, please ask me!

Emma x

My Tooth Fairy pocket - vintage denim wall hanging

  • We offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses upto the value of £50. Orders above £50 and to any other worldwide address are fixed at £4.95.

  • We suggest surface cleaning with a damp cloth.

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