This is really cute mini double sided fabric bunting made to order, with matching retro paper straws. It is in two lengths and packaged loose with matching straws. It's really easy to tie the strings to the straws when you are ready to assemble.


The cake bunting will be hand stamped "Happy Easter" in sentence case on the triangular flags. The fabric colours will be similar to the photograph, but as these are handmade, the patterns may alter slightly depending what we have in stock.


ONE TIP: use wooden kebab sticks and push them into the cake, slide the straws over the kebab sticks. This way the straws don't get soft at the bottom where they touch the cake and also the straws will stand straighter! We don't supply the wooden kebab sticks, but you can buy them in any supermarket. Worst case senario you could always used dried spaghetti, it works just as well!




HAPPY EASTER Cake Bunting Topper

  • As this item is made to order, it will not be possible to accept returns. Please make sure you clearly tell us the colour and pattern choices. We will message you to confirm everything before we make it up so there should be no reason for you not to love the bunting when it arrives.

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