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How to wear an Autumn Face Mask

It might sound really strange to write a blog post all about how to wear a face mask. It's easy, right?! Well after spending five months making face masks, it makes me laugh when I see how some people are wearing them. With the new rules kicking in for England, now more than ever we need to be using our face masks effectively.

So, we all know, the basic medical concept for wearing a mask is to prevent any germs or viruses from our own body been transferred to another person. It can't stop everything, but it does a pretty good job. The medical grade PPE masks really do stop everything, but those masks are for medical professionals. For us mere mortals we need to make do with either a cotton one - like the ones we produce - or a disposable one. However, we really care about our natural world and our environment, so anything we can do to prevent things being thrown away after one use, we are going to promote. I question why you would buy a disposable mask? In the long run they are more expensive than washable cotton ones. If you are a business giving them out free of charge, why not have them branded and sell them to your clients for a nominal fee if they do not have their own?

After wearing our masks each day, you should add to your laundry and wash with your clothes. The more frequently you wash your mask, the more hygienic it will be and less likely to have viruses on the surface fabric. This is why you MUST NOT wear your mask under your chin. Any virus that is lurking on the mask get then transferred to your chin, which inadvertently you then touch and get the virus on your hands. I see people of all ages doing this - take their masks off to talk. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS! You can talk fairly audibly through the mask, so always keep it on unless you're eating or drinking.

Another way people are wearing them is just over their mouth and not covering their noses. Again, this is just not going to do the job properly, so make sure that you put the mask right over your nose.

There are a minority of anti-mask wearers here in the UK, which I totally support that it's up to them to have their own view, but they see masks as a form of mind control. Well, I can only talk about our own masks and they are not affiliated with any mind control networks either government or non-governmental! After reading some of the placards, it seems many of them don't agree with vacinnees either, so I'll leave that medical collundroum right there....

Bottom line is, we care about the materials our masks are made out of and we care about our friends and family so want to protect ourselves and them from this COVID-virus. It isn't a massive ask to wear something to protect ourselves and our loved ones, is it?

We've made a three minute video for you to watch to show how to wear your masks and then how to launder it afterwards! If you have any questions, please just ask. As ever, we love receiving feedback so please click to subscribe and leave us a comment below....

Emma x

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