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How to make Paper "EASY" Bunting

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you will know that I have been broadcasting a LIVE feed every weekday at 11am. "Elevenses with Emma Bunting". We made the very difficult decision to close the business during lockdown as we felt we wanted to abide by the Government's rules of shutting non-essential businesses. And, because we work within the events business, we really have had little choice as all wedding and event venues have had to close. The Facebook LIVE sessions have given us a way of sharing our knowledge of working from home, keeping connected to our followers and clients, and also given me a structure that helps me through the day.

With over 35 broadcasts and over 6000 total views, we've talked about everything from teenagers, dogs, Trump and movies. Yesterday was a little different as I decided to give a thirty minute LIVE tutorial on how to make paper bunting. I've been making bunting for nearly 16 years now and I can probably make bunting in my sleep, so I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my tips with everyone.

The best thing about making your own bunting is that it is bespoke - it's unique to you. You can use any sort of paper, or even print out family photos, or get the kids to colour in the paper triangles. All you then need to do is to attach it to garden twine. That's the simplest way of making bunting!

We will continue our 11am Facebook LIVE sessions until the end of lockdown, and might even do another tutorial! But for now, if you want to make your own bunting, you can watch this again via our YouTube link, then it doesn't matter if you don't have a Facebook account.

On Friday 11th May, we will start our Elevenses at 11:02am after the two minutes silence has been observed to commemorate Victory in Europe 75 years ago.

Hope you are all staying safe and well during this lockdown - see you when this is all over!

Emma x

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