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Festival Friday: What not to overlook when decorating your Wedding Tipi

There is nothing we love more than a gorgeous tipi decorated in brightly coloured bunting - it just makes the tipis zing! Over the years we have often had our cotton Rainbow bunting in tipis across the UK for corporate parties, children's birthday parties and lots of weddings. It's also been featured in a large marquee for an upcoming Blockbuster movie, although we can't talk much about that just yet....

The two key things most overlooked when planning a tipi event:

1. Think about the entrance walkway.

I have seen many a tipi with nothing done to the outside. No one wants to just walk into a tipi, we're not going camping! There are so many options nowadays that you can discuss with your tipi provider - different awnings or even doors or clear windows. How you decorate will depend on the tipi design and layout, but one thing we do love to do is have bunting around the tipi edges - it just screams PARTY!! Make a great walkway, I promise it will make your guests feel special even before they get into the tipi.

2. Think about how it will look at night.

When it goes dark, don't forget to think how the tipis will look without sunlight. Add battery operated fairy lights to the bunting that you've hung above the walkway, or even around the bunting inside. Alternatively go for one of our sequin options - we have three colourways available - Rainbow, Gold or Silver.

Here are just a few examples to show you what you could do:

You could have two large hats, like the ones in these photos from Sami Tipi, who are based in Derbyshire, and hang the bunting across the tipi (so long as there isn't a fire pit) and use 8 foot tall Shepherd Hooks, which are great for decorating the walkway - great again for adding those fairy lights. Photo Credits: Ed Brown Photography.

Or around the edges like the larger three hat tipi from the Natural Tent Company, who are based in Bedfordshire. Photo Credit: Natural Tent Company.

A new addition to our hire range, is our Rainbow Sequin bunting. This takes the love of our bright festival feel rainbow cotton bunting and adds that gorgeous sparkle that you can only get with sequins. Perfect for inside a tipi and boy will there be a few shapes thrown on the dance floor at night when disco fever hits! Hope you love this new range as much as we do!! You can buy a smaller version of this in our online shop - order HERE - or find out about how you can hire it - right HERE

And just in case you are worried about the weather during your wedding - just check this stunning image out. I recently met Stephen at Pike Photography and I instantly fell in love with this image. Tipi by Country Tipis based in Hertfordshire.

Happy decorating, and if you need help or advise, or bunting to buy, hire or designing of bespoke, just get in touch!

Emma x

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