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2021: Bring it on and BRING OUT THE BUNTING!

So as I sit down to write this, one of my best friend's has just WhatsApped our group chat to say her COVID test was positive. It's one of the worst things I've been hearing these past twelve months, my test was positive. From those very early days in the beginning of January when my nieces living in France complained of having awful colds and losing their sense of smell (at a time we thought it was just some oddity) to a full year later and we are still struggling to combat the virus. Frankly, us mere humans are incapable of combatting the virus because we are social animals. When we're being good we all behave and follow the rules, but when we are a bit fed up of the strictness and start feeling a sense of identity being stripped away, we start to rebel and think we know better than the experts. Our desire to be with other humans is just too great.

My brother is an out and out rebel, and he knows it. I on the other hand like to follow rules. But by following the rules my life has become quiet, reflective and non-social. I feel my active vocabulary has probably halved and my hair has never looked so dreary. But, if that is all that is wrong, then I should be truly grateful.

I appreciate your support during this awful time and my sympathies go out to everyone impacted so negatively, and to those who have lost loved ones.

2021 needs to be better, I for one will say bring it on and "BRING OUT THE BUNTING!"

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