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Here at Emma Bunting, everything we do is bespoke & made to order, so there is no end to the imaginative or quirkiness of our bunting - if it can be drawn, it can be created! And, you can hire bunting as well as purchase it.


I started on this bunting journey back in 2004 when I created bespoke bunting for Lottie's (my daughter) 4th birthday - since then, the bunting demand has grown to cover all bespoke children's bunting, wedding bunting, corporate bunting, and most recently into bunting for hire.

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About Emma Bespoke Bunting

Our very first bunting to hire was named after Lottie, and from then on, each bunting for hire we name after someone special such as the bride who first commissioned it! 


To me, bunting is like a Christmas Decoration - it instantly transforms a space from something rather ordinary to something visually exciting, and with a sense of a party atmosphere. And, once the bunting comes down, I have a feeling of sadness as everywhere just looks bare.

We care very much where our fabrics are sourced, and try to use British cotton mills for our fabrics and bias. Sometimes, we upcycle fabric - to get a more vintage look, or to use fabric which means something to our customers. We even sell bunting making kits for those who want to try their hand at a bit of sewing!

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You can hire bespoke bunting for weddings, corporate events and more...

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